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  •  Will such a severe current situation in the steel industry affect the sales of the metal baler market?

    The downturn of large upstream steel companies will affect the entire industrial chain.Metal balers are mainly used in recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries.Simply looking at the current sales of metal balers,at least it hasn't had much impact at present.Mainly because some downstream manufacturers in the field of metal recycling have not yet shown the loss benefits of large steel companies.However,according to the current developments,the impact on the entire steel industry continues.

    Whether such a sluggish steel industry affects the metal baler market,according to the analysis of Nick Machinery's sales,it has not been positively affected for the time being.In the end,what will happen to the sales of metal balers in the future,can not be accurately grasped from the current situation.After all,there are many domestic steel companies. Whether it is metal smelting or metal recycling companies,they have developed for nearly ten to twenty years in the economic development stage of the previous years.How steel companies can survive this early winter will definitely gradually come later clear.
  • In fact,failures are not terrible.What is terrible is not a timely and effective solution,which affects production.This is terrible.

    So how to eliminate the failure of hydraulic metal baler in a timely and effective manner?It needs to follow a certain method,step by step,and the failure will be resolved quickly.

    1.The operating part of the machine.General equipment problems need to check all parts of the operating machine,because this part of the work is constant,constant friction,prone to problems,first need to be checked.
    2.Look at the connection part of the machine.Because the connection is inherently weak,there may be a machine failure.
    3.Control of machine parts.This part is the most prone to problems.
    In short,when the user has a problem with the hydraulic metal baler,don't panic.If you can't find the problem,you can call us at 86-29-86031588,and our professional after-sales staff will serve you in the future. 

  • What are the types of wear of the metal baler?

    One is normal wear,which is very special due to the allowable range specified by the baler design.When in the initial stage,because the friction surface has a certain roughness,the wear is faster.However,in the later stage,as the surface is gradually smoothed,it is also a normal and stable wear stage,that is,the friction surface is slightly worn and slowly and stable,which has little effect on the performance of the metal baler.

    There is also adhesive wear.This type of wear usually occurs at the actual contact point,that is,the place where the solid phase welding of the hydraulic baler occurs.In this case,the material on the contact surface transfers from one surface to another.Adhesive wear has a relatively large impact on the baler.If the wear is severe,it will cause damage to the equipment.
    Nick mechanical pressing technology and finishing technology have reached the international advanced level.Choose the metal baler produced by Nick Machinery,so you have no worries.

  • When using the briquetting machine, be sure to follow the safe operating procedures:
    1.Before starting the machine,conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electrical system,oil circuit system,and equipment protection devices and interlock protection devices to ensure safety and reliability.
    2.After driving,it is necessary to carry out a lot of no-load live cars for 20 minutes,and work only when the working oil temperature rises to 15~55℃.Do not start with load.

    3.When filling or discharging,do not put your hands between the upper and lower pistons to prevent crushing injuries. Driving is strictly prohibited.

    4.During the operation,always observe the oil volume,oil circuit,oil pressure,mechanical operation,etc.If any abnormality is found,it should be shut down for maintenance immediately,and no disease operation is allowed.
    5.When working,the operator must concentrate,pay attention to whether colleagues are in a safe position,coordinate the operation,and strictly prevent misoperation.
    6.Turn off the power of the equipment after work,perform maintenance on the equipment,and thoroughly clean the work site.
    Nick Balerodeon has a professional R&D,design and after-sales team.If you encounter any difficult problems during use,you can always contact us
  • The structure of the briquetting machine produced by Nick Machinery This machine is mainly composed of four parts: frame assembly,cylinder assembly,gear pump,and manual reversing valve.
    1.Frame assembly:The frame is completely made of steel welded structure,with strong pressure and tensile strength,and push bags.
    2.Oil cylinder assembly:It is composed of the lower connecting plate of the oil cylinder body push rod piston sealing ring and so on.
    3.Gear pump:Standard gear pump (purchased) is used,and most of the parts are common.
    4.The distributor is also called a manual reversing valve to control the direction of hydraulic oil.
    With my country’s vigorous advocacy of innovation,the technology of the Nick Mechanical Bagging and Briquetting Machine is constantly being injected with fresh blood.This also enables the Nick Mechanical Bagging and Briquetting Machine to gradually gain experience in the development and become a bagging.A well-known brand in the briquetting machine industry.
  • Today,Nick Machinery will introduce the process of straw silage
    One,kneading action

    The rubbed straw is convenient to bale silage,improve the efficiency of fermentation and decomposition of crude fiber,increase the nutrient content,and improve the palatability;the straw silage kneading machine rubs the collected raw materials,and it uses the straws to flatten,cut and squeeze.Crushed,destroys the hard stalks on the surface of the straw,and processes the straw that cannot be directly eaten by livestock into silky forage with good palatability without losing its nutrients,which is convenient for digestion and absorption by livestock,Sheep feed intake rate reaches 100%.

    2.Bundling and wrapping
    The kneaded forage grass is quickly,uniformly and evenly fed into the working bin of the baler for compression.When the weight of each bag reaches about 80 kilograms,the signal rotates at a constant speed and the signal light will flash continuously.At this time,you can pull the winding clutch handle and feed a small amount of material at the same time. The machine starts to reciprocate winding and binding,and the winding mechanism automatically completes the binding process.When the strapping is completed and the cord is cut off,the opening handle can be activated to open the warehouse and release the bundle.The bundling process is now complete.
    After the baling is completed,the bale automatically rolls down onto the two parallel belts of the wrapping machine. Manually wrap the film for half a circle.Turn the wrapping switch to make the rotating frame drive the bale to rotate together.The stretched plastic film of the bale winds itself and completes automatically.Envelope work.When the coating work is completed and the number of coating layers is set (2 to 4 layers),it stops automatically,and then stacks neatly.
    While developing the performance of the hydraulic straw baler,Nick Machinery will also reduce the price of the straw hydraulic baler,so that customers can truly realize the convenience and benefits brought by the straw hydraulic baler when using the fully automatic waste baler.
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